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Making A Difference

Empowering our clients to connect with real people through advanced technology, intelligence, and thoughtful design.

We're dedicated to continually improving for our clients and communities they live/work in. This commitment drives us to invest in people, technology, and innovative products and services, while fostering a culture rooted in social purpose—a mission more pertinent now than ever before.

We want to revolutionize the marketing experience for our clients, seamlessly integrating print and digital strategies from placement to packaging. With our advanced platform, we navigate every step of the marketing journey, empowering clients to focus on their goals while we handle the execution with precision and care.

Engage the People

Each client and project receives our personalized touch, ensuring a distinctive and exceptional experience. Making people feel included and invested in your business.

Storytelling First

Whether it's an event or marketing campaign, our aim is not just to sell ads but to authentically tell your story.

Its About Impact

We strive to make a lasting impact—we're unique, driven by results, and we embrace enjoyment along the way!

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Darius Kelly,

Owner & Creative Director 

I started DK.Design in October of 2018. After graduating from the Art Institute in December of 2017; my hunger to impact the community through the skills I learned in college lead to the founding of DK.Design.


Since then we've worked with various companies in industries such as medical, law, schools, non-profits, restaurants, mechanics, interior design, and tech. Having variation in the companies we work with is intentional and by design. We believe in a quote by one of my favorite designers which goes 'If you can design one thing you can design anything' - Paula Scher. We apply that across the board; using versatility to our advantage in navigating a fast paced ever changing world of marketing and design.

Being in the design world is an honor and I enjoy having fun on each project that we get an opportunity to be apart of.



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